Some of the key questions that have been asked about us or and our work over the years:

How can I work for the company?

We rarely employ full time staff. We occasionally audition for actors/performers to work on short term touring contracts. To be considered for future productions please email your CV and a recent headshot. Previous successful candidates have demonstrated eagerness to work with In Yer Face and our Christian ethos.

How do I book you?

For more information on our current/future productions or workshops please contact: InYerFaceTeam@message.org.uk

How did you get your name?

Our early work with youth at risk informed our theatre style and approach. A pragmatic response to audiences with no previous arts experience or understanding of hushed theatre etiquette created our loud, interactive, in your face approach. As we grew, we found our audiences were increasingly drawn from prisons, pupil referral units, youth at risk etc., and so we continually developed strategies and scripts and styles that interacted, left space for banter, and grabbed audiences by the collar. There was no conscious effort to be linked or influenced by the 1990’s aggressive, raw confrontational new wave of theatre, which since has been coined as ‘in yer face.’ Any similarities, if any, to that approach is purely coincidental.

Can I do work experience/intern with you?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the environments we sometimes work in and the types of people groups we work with, it is not always possible to accommodate work experience placements. The small minority we have been able to assist have given a minimum of three months prior notice and have been able to sort local living accommodation themselves.

On rare occasions we host paid internships. When an intern opening to the general public is made available, we advertise on our website leading to a written application and audition process.

What is the difference between theatre and drama?

Whilst these two terms are interchangeable, we tend to make the distinction that theatre happens when an audience watches our live performance. Drama occurs when everybody present is involved in the activity. For example, we facilitate ‘drama workshops’ where everybody participates in producing a story or something dramatic, whereas we, the actors, perform ‘theatre’ to a watching audience. However, our shows sometimes use a stream of dialogue back and forth between actors and audience, creating a fusion of the two forms.

Do you have a book?

Published in 2002, ‘Point Blank: twenty tried and tested short pieces of theatre’, is unfortunately no longer in print. Currently we have no plans to publish further material.

Are your plays suitable for children?

Though are work is never explicit or intended to be offensive, some of the ideas we explore are not appropriate for Primary School children or under. We target specific productions and projects at various age, ability and social groups. Our projects start from age 11-plus. Most of our school productions work best, though not exclusively, with age 14-plus. For further clarification on age/ability appropriate work, please contact the office.

Will you travel outside Manchester?

Although our main focus is Greater Manchester and the North West, we do offer work nationally. Our work outside of the North West is currently limited to one day, two days residency maximum. Work outside Manchester incurs travelling and accommodation costs (if required).

How much do you cost?

Our costs vary from project to project, depending on funding, sponsorship, grants and the scale of the production. We are aware of the ever restricted budgets in the environments we work in and so our team members are committed to finding funding on a monthly basis. Therefore our prices are always subsidised and not a true reflection of the actual cost. If you are working from a limited budget, please contact the office and we will try our best to work something out.

What is The Message Trust?

In Yer Face operates under the umbrella of the award winning Christian charity The Message Trust. Thousands of young people come into contact with The Message every week through the varied expressions of their work. Bands and musicians, dance crews, community transformation projects, prison teams, mobile youth centres, training academies, ex-offender business apprenticeships, offender resettlement workers, and youth arts provision are the flagship activities of the charity.
Currently the Trust works in England, Scotland, Wales and South Africa, with plans to work in other countries in the near future.

What is meant by a ‘Christian’ theatre company?

What is your safeguarding policy?

All of our performers and support team hold up-to-date CRB enhanced disclosure paperwork. Our team has received safeguarding training and operates under The Message Trust’s Safeguarding policy (available on request).

For Prisons we hold Enhanced Check level of clearance.

How do you evaluate your work?

At the end of every piece of work we undertake a structured, internal review with the purpose of identifying strengths and weaknesses for future improvement. In addition, staff from schools, prisons, churches etc., are encouraged to feedback thoughts, observations and criticisms both written and verbally. Any feedback is considered and fed into future project discussions. Space can be left for participants and audiences to reflect and feedback. This can happen through structured Q and A, workshop exercises, formal and informal discussion, assessment sheets, questionnaires and online surveys (where appropriate).

I’m a student writing my dissertation on Christian theatre, can you help?

Please feel free to use our website to acquire any relevant information to your study.

What are your values?

Belief in change

In Yer Face believes in every person’s right to change and be released into God-given potential. We believe the performing arts can play its role in motivating change and releasing potential.

Faith in young people

In Yer Face believes every young person deserves a chance to explore their own thinking around issues of the Christian faith. We don’t believe in heavy-handed presentation, manipulation or indoctrination, but we do think the performing arts provide a safe environment to help young people make their own informed choice.

Artistic excellence

In Yer Face strives to develop theatre and drama of the highest quality to people with the least engagement of the arts.


In Yer Face seeks to create innovative performances for new and young audiences exploring multiple disciplines and new writing opportunities.


In Yer Face aims to partner with other charities and organisations, educational institutions, churches, trusts, prisons, and festivals to explore work which values contributions, ideas and opinion from all members and always seeks to release God-given potential and motivation to change in and through young people.


In Yer Face is a Christian theatre company aiming to treat all individuals with respect and honour, in a non-judgemental manner regardless of religion, culture, sexual orientation, belief, disability, gender, past history or social status.

Contact Us

If you’d like to book us or have any questions or comments regarding any of our listed productions or activities, feel free to contact us at InYerFaceTeam@message.org.uk