In Yer Church

‘We come to stories not to be informed, but to be transformed…’

From inner-city outreach groups to rural congregations, In Yer Face has a long history of bringing challenging theatre to churches of all kinds and sizes.

We have forged a reputation for bringing a fearless, fresh and contemporary eye to Bible stories and faith-based themes.

Our work is for young people and adults, and particularly for those who may not ordinarily engage with church activities.

‘The production was fantastic… the performances were engaging and entertaining and the script dealt skilfully with complex and difficult issues.’

Ashley Hardingham, Lead Minister, Altrincham Baptist Church

Our productions are created to be flexible enough to accommodate most venues, though we will always check staging specifics prior to an event. Dimensions may vary according to the requirements of each production.

The cost of productions varies according to funding, but we are always happy to discuss potential ways of making a church performance possible.

For more information on IYF productions or workshops in your church, please contact:


Churches use In Yer Face in various ways…

The Sermon Slot

Some churches choose to use our productions as a way of engaging their congregation as an alternative to a traditional guest speaker. The advantage of a play is the ability to bring stories, biblical characters and ideas to life right in front of an audience’s eyes, meaning congregations are engaged on an emotional as well as a cognitive level. Pictures left imprinted on people’s imagination can provoke positive action long after the curtain falls.

An Evangelistic Event

With twenty years’ experience of resourcing church outreach events, In Yer Face is known for bringing value, communication and creativity to community mission. Remaining culturally relevant without compromising on message, our delivery style has been carefully honed through our week in/week out contact with secular audiences and other faith groups. Full-length plays, sketches with an event, drama workshops… there is something in our catalogue for almost every type of event.

Workshops and Training

Churches wishing to develop drama as a communication tool within their own congregation can benefit from our workshops or training days. Facilitated by our own in-house experienced practitioners, we can cater for all abilities from the beginner to the working actor. Participants are led through hands-on practical exercises and tips for using theatre and drama in a church setting. From introductory-level one hour workshops to full day training events, there are many ways we can explode the drama ministry in your church.

For more information on IYF productions or workshops in your church, please contact: