In Yer Prison

‘Before I watched the play, I thought, “Here we go again; another Mickey Mouse message from the Christians.” But I was surprised how much the play was about real life. My life. It gave me loads to think about.’

Young Offender, HMP Hindley

Over the past twenty years, In Yer Face has produced theatre for and with young people and adults in custodial settings.

Our staff team of actors, workshop facilitators, writers and directors have led week-long residencies in prisons with a view to enabling a group of offenders to devise their own theatre performance. These performances, often centred around themes of motivation to change, have then been showcased to an invited audience made up of other inmates, prison staff and key workers.

We have also been used by Prison Chaplains to present key Christian belief on issues such as forgiveness, identity, worth, and change through the use of short, sharp evocative pieces of theatre.


In recent years we have toured specific productions in prisons, including a commissioned piece called ‘Wrecked,’ a high-octane performance about a young man who comes to terms with the decisions he has made which have affected those around him.

We have developed a new piece of work designed to enrich Restorative Justice Programmes in prisons and communities. For more information on booking this production, please email the office: