A Town Called Malice

What if your enemy was your neighbour?

Parveen is an asylum seeker from Afghanistan.

Gina is a fifteen year old school girl with a racist dad.

Both attend the local high school. Gina’s dad says ‘asylum seekers are only here to steal our benefits.’ He tells her Muslims are taking over the country. And so Gina begins to threaten, bully and steal from Parveen.

Until one day a homemade petrol bomb is thrown through the local mosque. Gina is badly injured, and a young girl becomes an unlikely hero. As the story hits the news. ‘Modern day Good Samaritan’ scream the headlines.

Can Gina and Parveen rise above the prejudice and learn to understand each other?

A fictional play grounded in reality, ‘A Town Called Malice’ deals with issues of prejudice, discrimination and what it means to really love your neighbour.

A refreshing twist on the story of the Good Samaritan.