All Is Calm


‘If death is abroad, if wrong is to be resisted, a Christian should be right in amongst it’ booms the message from the pulpit. Hearing the call two keen amateur football players enlist in the local volunteer brigade.

‘Just a goal-kick away from the German trenches’ the boys soon realize war is no game. The brutality is a far cry from the promised adventure.

Back home the women are fighting their own war. In the dangerous conditions of a Munitions Factory, disunity looms- until break-time football matches begin to raise morale. The women prove adept and soon a Christmas Day charity match is played in front of thousands.

In Ypres, carols float over No Man’s Land, the dead are buried and another football match erupts. For a moment there is no war, there is no enemy- only peace on earth.

Can the awfulness of war find hope on the stage of two Christmas day football games?

To commemorate the centenary of the Christmas Day Truce, 1914, In Yer Face’s faithful and faith-filled play, draws inspiration from real life stories. Blending live theatre, songs and WW1 imagery, this innovative piece explores hope amongst the harrowing.