The ‘F’ Word

‘…it’s like drinking rat poison and expecting the rat to die…’
Following release from prison, Zack and Ellie are trying to make a new life for themselves. But the shadow of the past is almost inescapable. Zack struggles to find meaningful work while coming to terms with his conviction. Ellie tries to suppress her feelings of guilt over the loss of a child. Shackled together like prisoners, not partners, Zack and Ellie must confront the most shocking ‘F’ word of all – forgiveness – in order to be truly free from the past.

Set in a 24-hour period, and scouring the relationship of a pair struggling to deal with the guilt and grief of the past, The ‘F’ Word is a hard-hitting play of crime and consequence, forgiveness and hope.

Inspired by experience leading theatre workshops in a number of prisons, In Yer Face have created a play of bite and anger balanced with delicacy and empathy.