Church Workshops

Invite In Yer Face to inspire, encourage and develop the drama potential within your church. Our church workshops equip participants with exercises, techniques and ideas for developing a Bible verse, story or theme into a short piece of theatre. Reclaim the narrative power of the gospels by putting them on their feet.

A typical workshop might include:

  • Reflect on the benefits of using drama
  • Drama games and exercises
  • Group work
  • Writing tasks
  • Theatre techniques
  • Devising
  • Reflection and questions


  • Promoting confidence for you church to use drama as a means for communication
  • Exploring key skills for your church to develop a Bible verse into a short play
  • To provide a safe environment to practice new skills and ideas, including writing, devising and performing
  • Enabling your church to think about creating appropriate drama for appropriate audiences

For more information on IYF productions or workshops in your church, please email